Where is God in this?

Where is God in this?

Being a mommy to littles is WONDERFUL!

and hard





waiting for the next stage in order to be happy...

but I know that I need to hurry up and savor this too...

trying to make each day/moment/experience special...

loss of myself...I want to read a book, cook, read my Bible, put an outfit together...but I can't find my clothes...

We're all reaching out on facebook for advice, encouragement...some heated emotional debates about sleeping babies, breastfeeding, and homeschooling...

At the end of the day we're just exhausted...physically and emotionally.  

What does God have for us in THIS...?  The truth is that he's not so concerned with our happiness or prosperity.  He's only concerned with my heart toward him.  Am I leaning into him during those long sleepless nights?  Am I trusting him with my kids?  Am I releasing my worries, my cares, my schedule, my anxieties about life to him or am I trying to figure it all out and manage it on my own?  

I've posted this verse before...but it needs to be repeated.  Cast all of your cares on him for HE CARES FOR YOU.  1 Peter 5:7

He really cares...that's pretty amazing.