The journey continues...

Today is the day folks!  I can't say enough to thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and financial support of our family.  We are taking our son to see another specialist with the hopes of finding some healing.  I wanted to share a little background to this decision.  

I was led to begin homeschooling my son in November of last year as it became clear that the school system was not the best place for him.  As I've worked more closely with him, I've seen his struggle to learn.  It has also been very challenging to work with him on a day to day basis without seeing any meaningful improvement.  M is intellectually bright but struggles to do schoolwork or participate in normal play because of his bodily limitations.  I worry about his future and his ability to become more independent.  I worry about his self esteem.  Will he find his purpose?  Will he be able to someday contribute to society?  Or will I lose him to his own mind?  I have noticed him escaping into his own little world.  I would escape too if I felt that this world didn't understand me.  It has been hard to care for him.  Mundane tasks are difficult.  He breaks things, he hurts himself.  He makes it difficult to leave the house.  I've started to lose hope.  I've been depressed.  I've had to grieve the loss of what I thought my son could be.  It was a hard place.  

Losing hope...that's scary.  

In May I was able to attend a seminar that described the neurodevelopmental approach to functioning.  Basically this is a fancy term for the process of trying to find the root cause in the brain for disorganized or delayed functioning.  As the speaker explained this process, I could feel some excitement.  I realized that she was speaking 5 more times throughout the weekend.  So...I signed up for the rest of her workshops.  After each talk I felt myself wanting to jump out of my chair and scream YES!  She was describing my son!  She was describing children that were way worse off than my son...and all of them had been helped.  I realized that my excitement was my hope slowly being restored.  

It sounds gimicky...I can see that. And to be honest, I don't care. This is a spiritual thing.  God is moving.  I am confident that He wanted me to have this information and that he provided the resources to be able to complete it.  Will it change my son?  I hope so.  But either way, it feels good to have hope again and to actively watch God intervene in our lives.  We will keep working and keep trying.  Praise be to God…Stay tuned for the continuation of our story!  

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