Summer Update

I wanted to give you a quick update...especially those who helped us pay for M's neurodevelopmental evaluation.  

The summer has been busy!  Sleepless, restless days of camp for the kids and lots of swimming, swinging, taking walks, and chillin at home.  Dan and I have had a few WONDERFUL date nights thanks to some AMAZING friends who watched our kids.  And our businesses and church have been steady and even growing.  I've also been educating myself in home education as we will be homeschooling our children in the fall.  

As the mom/nurturer of this crazy chaotic circus (haha) it's been adventurously stressful...sometimes exhausting...other times exciting!  I'm learning to give myself permission to relax...let the kids watch a movie, eat hot dogs more often, wear mismatched clothes, sleep in each other's rooms...and let the baby need me as much as she wants.  I know that these days are some of the hardest but most rewarding and missed (!) so I'm trying to soak it in and be kind to myself and my family.  

Our evaluation went well.  It was a long exhausting day, but we came home with a LOT of action points.  Unfortunately for our schedule, camp IDEAS (an amazing camp for kids with needs as well as their SIBLINGS) started up and made it more difficult to find a groove with all of his exercises.  But we LOVED camp and it was a great experience for them both. 

Camp is over now and we are finishing up swimming lessons and starting some homeschool practice weeks.  (Yes...we practice).  It's hard to change routines around we are starting with small changes before we go full swing/full schedule in late August.  M was given about 30 different exercises (2 hours per day) to do to begin stimulating his brain and teaching new skills.  We are already seeing small improvements even though our consistency has been intermittent!  We are so excited to see where this boy will go.  My daughter isn't AS thrilled about home education...but she has no idea of the amazing things that I have planned for her.  

Someday I'd love to share my heart for home the Lord has been moving and working in it.  Yes...I was that gal who said I could never do it...and here I am!  I have learned that God uses everything to sanctify us and homeschool is no different.  

There are big things on the horizon for our family...I can feel it coming.  I'll try to write more to keep you all in the loop.  Thanks for praying for us...some immediate requests are:

•That J will sleep!

•That God will continue to give wisdom and discernment about some big decisions facing our family in the next year.  

•For the kids...M's continued improvement, and for H not to get lost in the middle

•For Dan and I to continue to find alone time for each other and the Lord amidst the chaos. 


Until the next time,


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Cast your burdens

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